How to Overcome Negativity Bias Through Energy Healing

How to Overcome Negativity Bias Through Energy Healing

Apr 22, 2024

Janell Warkentin, a seasoned energy healer with over twenty years of experience, offers profound insights into overcoming the inherent negativity bias through specialized energy healing techniques. This bias, a deeply ingrained aspect of human psychology, emphasizes negative experiences over positive ones, often impacting our daily lives and overall well-being. As the founder of and a pioneer in combining educational therapy with energy healing, Janell has developed unique strategies that not only acknowledge this bias but also effectively

counteract it. Her approach focuses on transforming negative energies into positive outcomes by activating the body's intrinsic energy. This method is not just about coping with negativity; it's about rewiring our brain's tendencies to foster personal growth and enhance positive emotions actively. Through her YouTube series, Table Talks with Janell, and various live events, she continues to educate and empower individuals, helping them unlock their potential and shift towards a more balanced and positive mindset.

What is Negativity Bias and How Does it Affect Us?

Understanding the concept and origins of negativity bias

Negativity bias is a psychological phenomenon where humans tend to focus more on negative experiences rather than positive ones. This bias is deeply rooted in evolutionary psychology, where paying attention to potential threats was essential for survival in ancient times. The brain's amygdala plays a significant role in this process, as it is hard-wired to detect negative events quickly.

How negativity bias impacts our daily lives

Negativity bias influences how we perceive the world around us. We’re more likely to dwell on "negative" rather than positive things, leading to feelings of anxiety, stress, and discontent. According to Dr. Rick Hanson, our brains are like Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive information, causing us to remember bad stuff more easily.

Neuroplasticity: Can the brain overcome negativity bias?

Neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to rewire and adapt, offers hope in overcoming negativity bias. By consciously focusing on positive moments and experiences, we can gradually reshape our perceptions and tilt the balance towards positivity.

Strategies to Overcome the Negativity Bias

Exploring energy healing as a method to combat negativity bias

Energy healing, a holistic approach to wellness, can be effectively used to counteract negativity bias. By addressing the root causes of negative emotions and thoughts, energy healing promotes positivity and self-improvement.

Practicing mindfulness to shift focus from negative to positive

Mindfulness techniques help individuals become more aware of their thoughts and emotions, allowing them to consciously redirect their focus from negative to positive things. This shift in attention can enhance overall well-being and reduce the impact of negativity bias.

Utilizing positive moments to counteract negative experiences

Fostering positive experiences and actively engaging with them can create a buffer against negative events. By building a reservoir of positive memories, individuals can navigate through challenging times with greater resilience and optimism.

How Energy Healing Helps in Achieving Personal Growth

Examining the role of energy healing in personal development

Energy healing practices support personal growth by facilitating emotional release, self-awareness, and spiritual alignment. By tapping into the body's energy systems, individuals can address deep-seated issues and pave the way for transformative growth.

The connection between energy healing and positive emotions

Energy healing modalities such as Reiki and acupuncture have been linked to the promotion of positive emotions and well-being. These practices help in balancing the body's energy centers and fostering a sense of inner harmony and peace.

Using energy healing to promote positivity and self-improvement

Energy healing sessions create a space for individuals to release negative energies and emotional blockages, allowing room for positive transformation to take place. By aligning the body, mind, and spirit, energy healing supports individuals in their journey towards self-improvement.

Recommended Techniques and Practices for Overcoming Negativity Bias

Building a gratitude journal to cultivate positive experiences

Keeping a gratitude journal can help in recognizing and appreciating the positive aspects of daily life. By regularly noting down things to be grateful for, individuals can train their minds to focus on the good, thereby counteracting the effects of negativity bias.

Engaging in savoring activities to counteract negative emotions

Savoring activities involve fully immersing oneself in positive experiences, such as enjoying a delicious meal or relishing a beautiful sunset. By amplifying positive emotions through savoring, individuals can build a reserve of positivity to combat negative emotions.

Understanding how focusing on the positive can reshape perceptions

Consciously shifting the focus from negative to positive aspects of life can lead to a profound change in perception. By training the brain to notice and appreciate positive moments, individuals can rewire their thought patterns and cultivate a more optimistic outlook.

The Impact of Negativity Bias on Relationships and Social Interactions

How negativity bias affects impressions of other people

Negativity bias can distort our perceptions of others, causing us to focus more on their flaws and shortcomings rather than their positive qualities. This skewed perspective can hinder the development of meaningful relationships and lead to misunderstandings.

Strategies to pay more attention to positive aspects in relationships

Intentionally practicing positivity in relationships by acknowledging and appreciating the strengths and virtues of others can counteract the effects of negativity bias. Cultivating a mindset of gratitude and compassion can strengthen connections and foster deeper understanding.

The significance of energy healing in fostering healthy connections

Energy healing techniques can aid in clearing emotional blockages and promoting harmonious interactions in relationships. By creating energetic balance and fostering self-awareness, individuals can cultivate healthier connections built on trust, respect, and positive energy.

Question & Answer

Q: What is the negativity bias and how does it affect us?

A: The negativity bias is a psychological phenomenon where our brains are hardwired to pay more attention to negative information over positive ones. This makes it easier for us to see the world in a negative light and focus on negative thoughts, influenced by millions of years of evolution.

Q: How can energy healing help in overcoming negativity bias?

A: Energy healing techniques, such as guided meditations and mindfulness meditation, can help rewire the brain to attune to positive things and achieve a more positive outlook. This makes it possible to shift our focus from negative to positive events.

Q: Why is self-compassion important in combating negativity bias?

A: Practicing self-compassion can help counter the pessimistic tendencies caused by the negativity bias. By looking for negative comments in a more understanding and compassionate way, we can cultivate a positive outlook on life.

Q: How does energy healing act as a "Teflon for positive thoughts"?

A: Energy healing practices help create a protective barrier around positive thoughts, making them stick longer in our minds, similar to how Teflon prevents sticking. This can shift the ratio of positive to negative thoughts in our minds.

Q: Can energy healing assist in achieving personal goals?

A: Yes, energy healing can be recommended by mediums as a guide to choose positivity and focus on achieving personal goals. By practicing techniques that combat negativity bias, individuals can align themselves with their aspirations.

Q: What are some related articles on overcoming negativity bias through energy healing?

A: There are various guides available that explain the concept of negativity bias and provide insights on using energy healing to overcome it. You can explore articles that delve into the science behind the practice and its benefits.

Q: How does the amygdala play a role in influencing negative and positive thoughts?

A: The amygdala is part of the brain that processes emotions and plays a significant role in processing negative information. Understanding how the amygdala functions can help in better managing negative thoughts and promoting a positive mindset.

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