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Raise Your Vibration

For many of us being stuck in a low vibration can feel heavy, overwhelming, and sometimes confusing. Even worse, you can experience anxiety, apathy, and struggle to get motivated. You are familiar with these problems, but are you familiar with simple solutions that are practical and work for people like us? 

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Here's What You'll Get Out of Raise Your Vibration:

Break free from the cycle of negativity, elevate your energy, and stride confidently towards a more authentic and joyful life. Your journey begins now!

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    Elevate your vibrational awareness so you accept, forgive, and love yourself without guilt.

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    Easily connect to divine guidance without spending hours trying to figure it out

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    Get greater clarity on your unique gifts and life’s purpose.

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    Know what low-vibrational energies feel like and how to avoid them.

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    Enter a sanctuary of calm, peace, and heartfelt happiness any time you choose.

Raise Your Vibration

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A Thought Healer

Janell Warkentin is the founder of janellrae.com, a pioneer in energy healing and holistic practices, focusing on embracing unique spiritual gifts and intuition development. She is an energetic healer, with over two decades of experience helping individuals discover their true selves, their unique life purpose, and unlock their potential. Janell is the only practitioner to have skillfully combined educational therapy and energy healing to transform struggles and confusion into strengths and clarity. She is known as an authority in energy healing, self-discovery, and holistic healing. Janell resides with her family and their beloved animals in Central Oregon. 

Janell is the host of the YouTube series, "Table Talks with Janell", where she interviews fellow healers to explore the multifaceted world of energy healing. Her insightful approach makes the show a valuable resource for those interested in holistic wellness and all things energy. Janell also organizes live and in person events, including the upcoming online live event "Clarity" in March, focused on How To tips, transform your empathic gift from overwhelm to your superpower, personal and spiritual growth, and an immersive in-person event, fostering deeper Clarity and learning within the healing community later this year.

Janell Warkentin