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  • Hi, I'm Janell A Thought Healer

    All great stories have some obstacle the main character or hero must overcome. Early on, though, you aren’t sure how things are going to turn out? There can be confusion, setbacks, and frustrations, yet if the story ended there it would be disappointing. Fortunately for Janell her story didn’t end there. Instead, she discovered how to live in harmony with her purpose and unique gifts. That profound shift was the turning point in her life.  

    Janell struggled in school, and no matter how hard she tried, failure and disappointment were her common companions. She wanted with all her heart to be “normal” and fit in like so many of the other kids. It didn’t seem to matter how hard she studied for a spelling test; she would only get a small fraction of them correct. No one knew at the time—not even Janell—that she was born with dyslexia and had an auditory processing disorder. All Janell knew was that she didn’t like herself in school and desperately wanted to do better. She even prayed to God to “fix her.” Much to her dismay, he never did.

    One area of Janell’s life that she consistently shined in was being outdoors with animals, particularly horses. Here Janell felt totally different. It was a space she felt understood, alive, and fully engaged in each moment. Although Janell wasn’t fully aware of what was happening, she was in her gift space. As incredible as it may sound, the horses were helping her activate her unique abilities and talents. 

    Where school was a place to suppress who you are, with horses it was a place to express who you are. This was the beginning of Janell’s shift. Although it hadn’t transferred to other areas of her life yet, it did give her a safe haven to be herself and start to develop her gifts.  

    Janell Warkentin

    In her early twenties, Janell was a professional horse trainer, working with horses known as “outlaws.” These were aggressive, ornery horses that others had given up on. These horses were considered too out of control and dangerous for people to ride. Incredibly, Janell connected with them. She realized that the horses were in pain, something was out of alignment, or they were severely misunderstood. It was so clear to her. Others did not see what Janell saw and believed it was a miracle the horses had transformed from wild and angry to peaceful and calm in a short period of time. Through this process Janell rediscovered her intuitive gifts. Gifts that had been shut down in school. Gifts that had been shut down in social gatherings. Gifts that had been almost completely shut down inside her. This was a major step in embracing who she was… an intuitive energy healer. But she wasn’t there yet. Another key piece of the puzzle awaited her.  

    Janell took several trips to Russia in her twenties to assist schools for the most underprivileged children who had so little. These students regularly experienced hardship and trauma. One of the other teachers noticed Janell struggling with reading and asked her if she was dyslexic? Janell had no idea what she was talking about, but soon discovered that she was dyslexic. A wave of intense emotions poured out of Janell as she realized she wasn’t broken. Like the outlaw horses, she had been misunderstood all those years. Janell’s life took a dramatic turn with this shift. When that was combined with her other breakthroughs, she became a Learning Specialist.

    As a Learning Specialist, Janell helped clients with a range of struggles including autism and dyslexia. She studied the mind, how it works, and developed techniques to best assist clients in overcoming their biggest challenges. Initially, this appeared so different from being a horse trainer. As Janell continued to improve the quality of services for clients, she noticed that there was a lot of overlap between working with horses and working with people. She did things that significantly helped people quickly, but in the beginning, she didn’t know exactly what was going on. She just knew it worked incredibly well.  

    Janell came to realize that another critical component to her success with clients and horses was energetic healing. She loved the use of energy, intuition, and her gifts to help people, but it was something she didn’t publicly talk about. Janell had picked up the idea that maybe this was too woo-woo for her clients and the community to embrace—let alone accept. Although the results her clients were experiencing were phenomenal, Janell wondered if in another time what she was doing would be considered witchcraft. She certainly didn’t want to be a witch and all the negativity associated with that.   

    So, Janell continued to help clients have amazing changes but started to intensely study all forms of energetic healing. It became a passion where she found the best energy healers and studied under them. Slowly, she started to change her perception of energetic healing. It had nothing to do with witches and all that nonsense. It had everything to do with embracing love and light energy. Connecting to God or Source. Before covid, Janell broke through her limiting beliefs about what it meant to be an energy healer and embraced it publicly. Although looking back Janell had done energy work starting with the horses and continuing forward, it took her some reflection to connect the dots.

    Suddenly, it all made sense. Being a horse trainer, a learning specialist, and energetic healer were all part of her journey. They weren’t separate entities but different parts of who she was. It was embracing the combination of them that provided wholeness. They were no more separate than your right arm is to the left leg. They are just different parts of you. This powerful insight helped Janell realize that when we elevate and expand our awareness, we see life through a different perspective. This was the final shift to Janell embracing her identity as an energy healer.  

    Janell’s journey is one of embracing who you are and becoming more and more authentic. Because it’s hard to be authentic if you don’t know who you are and what your purpose is. When you do know, though, it’s truly life changing.  

    Janell doesn’t pray to God to fix her anymore. Instead, she’s grateful for her gifts. Janell accepts that some things will never be in her wheelhouse. And that’s more than okay, it’s fantastic! She will never win a spelling competition. But what she can do is help people make profound shifts with her gifts. Compare that to being a poor speller and there is no comparison.  

    For the past decades, Janell has expanded her knowledge and abilities as an energetic healer by studying under the top experts in energy, personal development, and intuition. With Janell’s profound knowledge and expertise, she regularly guides clients towards recognizing and overcoming their energetic blocks—emotional burdens that manifest into feelings of, “I’m not enough,” fear, guilt, and lack of confidence. Janell’s happiest moments are seeing people recognize who they really are, what their gifts are, how to use them, and what their life purpose is. These transformations allow people to be genuinely authentic, use their intuitive or energetic gifts, and live a life of meaning and purpose.  

    Janell’s journey took her a long time to sort everything out and realize who she really was, what her gifts were, and how to best use them. Today, Janell loves compressing time so this process can be done in days or weeks rather than the decades it took her originally. Janell believes when you understand your past you get clarity on your future.  

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    What Is Thought Healing?

    Janell Warkentin

    Thought Healing is a transformative approach aimed at alleviating the emotional impact of triggers stored in our bodies due to past traumas. These traumas can range from significant life events to experiences perceived through a child's lens. Each trauma leaves an "energetic imprint" in our body, a memory formed by all our senses - from what we saw, heard, smelled, felt, and touched during the traumatic event.

    As time passes, these stored memories can shape patterns in our lives. They resurface, especially when faced with similar situations, making us relive the past and dictate our reactions. This cycle continues as: a thought arises from a memory, leading to an emotion, which prompts an action, thus creating a pattern in our life.

    The essence of Thought Healing is to identify and address these triggers. The goal isn't to erase memories, but to "take the sting out" or reduce the pain associated with them. By altering our emotional response to these memories, we can foster new thoughts. These new thoughts evoke different emotions, prompting different actions. In doing so, Thought Healing not only heals our thoughts but offers us the chance to change the trajectory of our lives.

    What Is Energy Healing?

    I'm genuinely thrilled that you're taking a moment to dive into the world of energy healing. Let's start with a simple truth: energy is in everything and is a part of every single thing around us, including you and me. Ever marveled at the vivid colors of a sunset or the tranquility of a deep blue ocean? Color itself has a measurable energy wave. In fact, the very body we inhabit emits energy that can be measured.

    To understand how deeply rooted energy is in our daily experiences, think of a cherished memory that made you incredibly happy or excited. Can you see it clearly in your mind? Do you feel that rush of warmth, perhaps a smile playing on your face? There, right there, is the transformative power of energy, emotion is self created energy. It comes from within us and manifests in so many ways. Think about those people in your life who are always upbeat, positive, and just exude good vibes. We're drawn to them because they radiate uplifting energy. I'm part of a business group where ideas flow like a vibrant river. Every time I engage with them, I walk away feeling recharged and upbeat. Why? It’s the collective energy at play!

    Janell Warkentin
    Janell Warkentin

    However, not all energy supports or uplifts us. Ever had days where you feel completely drained, even if you didn't do anything physically taxing? Our environment, the emotions we encounter, past experiences, and even the people we surround ourselves with can impact our energy – either charging us up or depleting us. Emotions, experiences, our physical health, and even our very thoughts play integral roles in defining our energy states.

    Energy healing delves deeper into understanding the frequency of our entire being – encompassing body, mind, and spirit. Energy healing removes blocks created by stuck energy in our energy field or our physical body. It also explores the “ why” the energy was there to begin with. The goal of energy healing is to take out what doesn’t belong and raise the vibration of what does. The beautiful effect of this is it allows us to reconnect to the most authentic part of us: our intuitive gifts, our internal compass and purpose.

    As a world-class and respected Energy Healer, I offer guidance in navigating these energies. I help in clearing obstacles and rejuvenating your energy field, bringing harmony between your physical body and your energy body. Energy work introduces you to the true essence of who you are.

    Remember, we live in a universe of vibrations, waves, and frequencies. Aligning yours positively can create ripples of happiness, peace, and vitality. I'm here to guide you on that journey. Let's embrace, understand, and celebrate our energy together. 💛

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