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  • 21-Day Challenge

    Somatic & Energetic Practice

    21-day challenge

    Join us on a journey to unlock your inner potential with our 21-Day Somatic & Energetic Challenge. This challenge is designed to teach you a simple yet effective somatic and energetic practice that you can incorporate into your daily routine. Perfect for all levels, this challenge will help you release stuck emotions, recharge your energy, and ground yourself. Each day builds on the last, ensuring you develop a powerful new habit to support your overall well-being.

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    Janell Warkentin

    Intuitive Energy Healer

    Janell Warkentin is the founder of janellrae.com, a pioneer in energy healing and holistic practices, focusing on embracing unique spiritual gifts and intuition development. She is an energetic healer, with over two decades of experience helping individuals discover their true selves, their unique life purpose, and unlock their potential. Janell is the only practitioner to have skillfully combined educational therapy and energy healing to transform struggles and confusion into strengths and clarity. She is known as an authority in energy healing, self-discovery, and holistic healing. Janell resides with her family and their beloved animals in Central Oregon. 

    Jovian Watson Mollner

    Jovian Watson Mollner

    Dancer & Personal Trainer

    Jovian is a dancer and personal trainer from Vancouver, WA. She studied dance at Santa Monica College and is getting her bachelor’s degree in dance at the University of California Santa Barbara. She started working as a personal trainer in 2018, and found she excelled thanks to the understanding of the body and movement she had from being a dancer. Jovian is especially passionate about using dance and exercise to prolong health and improve quality of life, and is excited to add energy work as a way to help her clients.


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