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Join the multitude of souls who've already begun their journey to clarity. The path to your best self awaits. Welcome to a future where your journey to a clearer, more grounded, and rejuvenated self begins with clarity.

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Janell Warkentin

Janell Warkentin

Intuitive Energy Healer

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Clarity Events’ founder and director will bring new messages of energy healing and how it can uncover your intuitive gifts and help you reconnect to your powerful authentic self. 

Misty Slaughter

Misty Slaughter

Master Healer

Misty will share the incredible power of body motion in releasing toxins and stress and help you discover a healthier and more vibrant you.

Beverly Akhurst

Beverly Akhurst

Ocean Breath Yoga

As the owner of Ocean Breath Yoga, Beverly goes beyond yoga poses to help guide you to greater physical and spiritual wellness.

Katy Samwell

Katy Samwell

Sound Healing

Katy brings her gift of sound healing to help us open our channels and find our own deep connection to the world around us. 

Yvette Duncan

Yvette Duncan

Family Relationship Coach

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Yvette specializes in helping women and couples release generational patterns and burdens so that you can reconnect with your authentic self. 

Vanessa Smith

Vanessa Smith

Transformational Healer Coach

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Vanessa brings over 20 years of energy healing experience to our platform. She is founder of New Earth Collab, bringing energy healers together to transform the world.

Jovian Mollner

Jovian Watson Mollner

Dancer & Personal Trainer

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Jovian is a dancer and personal trainer from Vancouver, WA. She studied dance at Santa Monica College and is getting her bachelor’s degree in dance at the University of California Santa Barbara. She started working as a personal trainer in 2018, and found she excelled thanks to the understanding of the body and movement she had from being a dancer. Jovian is especially passionate about using dance and exercise to prolong health and improve quality of life, and is excited to add energy work as a way to help her clients.

Gregory Obert

Gregory Obert, Ph.D.

Author of The Man on the Bench

Host of Meditations by Gregory T. Obert

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As a gifted therapist who combines meditation and Reiki healing with clinical psychology and life coaching, Dr. Obert can guide his clients into better mental health and greater success. His book “The Man on a Bench” illustrates how strangers can help each other alter mindsets and survive the traumas and challenges of life. Dr. Obert also runs a bi-weekly meditation podcast that allows him to share his healing gifts with a myriad of individuals.

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