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If You Could Be In A Position Where Knowing Your Life Purpose Was No Longer A Concern – Would You Click On This Under 4 Minutes Video Now?

Janell's Graduates RAVE About Their Breakthroughs, Results, and Success.

Melissa Cunningham

I went into the program not knowing exactly what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to see that we got to do actual healings during this course. It was a great introduction into energy healing and clearing.

Melissa Cunningham

Simon Rossignol

As we work together, it makes things easier to understand and experience. Support, expertise, growth, acceptance, and community are a must and in this class, it's all present. I could not be any happier.

Simon Rossignol

Rachel Andrews

The class absolutely blew me away, and any expectations I had were blown away too. The experience was transformative for me in ways I'm still learning about and realizing. I feel like the world has opened up for me.

Rachel Andrews

Janell Warkentin

My journey has always been an unwavering dedication to facilitate profound changes in the lives of individuals I serve who are on their spiritual path. As an energy healer, I want to touch as many lives as I can and help people awaken their true potential. To make this possible, I offer customized and life-changing programs and one-on-one coaching. These are proven methods to remove emotional and energetic blocks and raise your vibration. Setbacks are never an option when individuals work with me, as I help them reconnect with their authentic self and find inner peace. I invite those who are dealing with physical or emotional pain, lacking direction, or feeling overwhelmed and lost to join me on this healing journey. With love and light, I am here to help you unlock your full potential and life purpose.

Why is Janell's Solution Mission Critical in My Life?

Discovering your purpose, developing your intuition, and unlocking your spiritual gifts are all meaningless – if despite your best efforts – you remain stuck, disconnected, or blocked with low energy. Janell has personally guided countless individuals to remove emotional and energetic blocks, discover their purpose, reconnect with their authentic self, and find inner peace with consistent success.

A Recent Example of A Client's Transformation...

Terri Houston, 42, felt she had disconnected from her true self and gone down the wrong path.  Within a few weeks of working with Janell, Terri was able to connect with and understand her own unique gifts.  She began to trust her intuition.  Instead of feeling like someone broken and incomplete who needed to be fixed, she gained a better understanding of who she was as an empathic being.  This dramatically changed Terri's life because she learned how to nurture her gifts, so they worked for her—rather than against her as she had previously been doing.  Today, Terri credits the profound shifts—and the exciting adventure she's on—to working with Janell.  

How Can We Learn More Without Investing Now?

Watch The Training Video
1. Energy Cleansing
2. Purpose Identification
3. Intuitive Gift Activation

Go Deeper and Elevate Your Life In Only 3 Steps

    1. Get Clarity by understanding exactly what you want, removing the blocks and triggers causing frustration, and aligning with your higher self for greater insights.

    2. Understand Your Purpose and how your gifts align with it, reconnecting you to your authentic self.

    3. Move Forward Confidently with tools, a newfound clarity, and support that keeps progress and momentum going.