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We Are So Honored To Guide You On Your Journey To Reconnect With Your Most Authentic Soul Self!

Join the 21-Day Challenge: Somatic & Energetic Practices - JULY 2024

This challenge is designed to teach you a simple yet effective somatic and energetic practice that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

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    Release Stuck Emotions: Learn techniques to free your body from emotional blockages. 

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    Daily Recharge and Grounding Practices: Incorporate practices that rejuvenate and center you each day.

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    Progressive Skill Development: Each day builds on the previous one, helping you develop and refine your skills.

Join the challenge by either signing up to our email list, following us on our social media platforms, or joining our private group! Use the #21DaySomaticChallenge to be updated.


Transform Your Life with Powerful Thought and Energy Healing Programs

6-week program coming soon

Unlocking You: Level 1

Six-Week Gift Activation Program

Discover the power that resides within you. Ignite your gifts to feel fully alive. Enroll now and take the first step towards unlocking the extraordinary you.


3-month program coming soon

Unlocking You: Level 2

Three-Month Intensive Program

Make significant strides in a condensed period, this 3-month intensive program offers a powerful exploration into the world of purpose and fulfillment.


Speaker Circle Coming Soon

Speaker Circle

Live Online Q&A with Healers

Are you ready to deepen your understanding of energy healing and personal growth? Do you have burning questions you've always wanted to ask experienced healers? Join us for an exclusive event on September 2024!

Work With Janell

Transform Your Life with Powerful Thought and Energy Healing Programs

Unlocking You: Level 1

Six - Week Gift Activation Program

Stay tuned for the next class!

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Unlocking You Level 1

Discover The Power That Resides Within You

Janell Warkentin

Ignite your gifts to feel fully alive. This magical journey of Gift Development is where the seen and unseen intertwine with Intuition as your compass.

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    Feel the empowerment of engaging with the fun intuitive part of you.

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    Be confident that you are working and following your intuitive gifts

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    Connection to your intuitive gifts.

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    Expanding your gifts through gift activation

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    See for yourself and experience firsthand how your gifts work

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    Horses guide you to incredible breakthroughs, personal transformations, and insightful self-discoveries.

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    Understanding how your gifts work

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    Experience the fun and thrills (or excitement) of finally connecting to who you authentically are.

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    Satisfaction and confidence of working from your heart and adding value to the world in a way that matters to you.

Hi, I'm Janell

A Thought Healer

Janell Warkentin is the founder of janellrae.com, a pioneer in energy healing and holistic practices, focusing on embracing unique spiritual gifts and intuition development. She is an energetic healer, with over two decades of experience helping individuals discover their true selves, their unique life purpose, and unlock their potential. Janell is the only practitioner to have skillfully combined educational therapy and energy healing to transform struggles and confusion into strengths and clarity. She is known as an authority in energy healing, self-discovery, and holistic healing. Janell resides with her family and their beloved animals in Central Oregon. 

Janell is the host of the YouTube series, "Table Talks with Janell", where she interviews fellow healers to explore the multifaceted world of energy healing. Her insightful approach makes the show a valuable resource for those interested in holistic wellness and all things energy. Janell also organizes live and in person events, including the upcoming online live event "Clarity" in March, focused on How To tips, transform your empathic gift from overwhelm to your superpower, personal and spiritual growth, and an immersive in-person event, fostering deeper Clarity and learning within the healing community later this year.

Janell Warkentin

Janell's Video Library

Unfolding the Mysteries of Intuition & Energy Healing

Episode 5

Ep. #5: Insights And Practical Trips To Help You Heal

Join us in an enlightening discussion with Dr. Katharina, pioneer in the medical field who believes in the power of higher consciousness and intuition to solve problems. We explore how to tap into your inner wisdom and use it in every aspect of your life.

Episode 6

Ep. #6: Journey To Healing With Sheree Buckman, About Healing Medium

Join us for an eye-opening journey into the spiritual realms as we sit down with Sheree, a professional medium with a specialty in working with trauma clients. We offer a glimpse into pre-life planning, karma, the balance of the soul, and the importance of self-care and healing.

Empath's Guide to a Vibrant Auric Field

Empath's Guide To A Vibrant Auric Field

Janell dives deep into the mysteries of our auric field. You will discover what it is, how it functions, and – most importantly – how it impacts your day-to-day life.


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The 6-Week Program absolutely blew me away, and any expectations I had were blown away too. The experience was transformative for me in ways I'm still learning about and realizing. The absolute love, trust, and acceptance I was shown was incredible and made me excited for the next class. I feel like I have found a purpose that I never would have known about if I'd not taken the opportunity Janell offered.

~ 6-Week Program

Rachel Andrews

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This is such a unique and beautiful experience, Janell. When you walked us through a remote healing session, you had us work with Denali. It was such an interesting and amazing experience to see and feel his energy. I learned in a moment just how "in tune" Denali was/is, with us. He is an incredible healer. During that session, I was shown Sacred Geometry. Since that day, this same Geometry presents itself during almost every healing session that I've done. So cool, is that right! Forever thankful.


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Janell Warkentin